Business Spotlight

February 2020

Meet Dennis and Jillian Kelly from Peter James BYOB–New Restaurant on Haddon Ave.

Owners Dennis and Jillian Kelley named the restaurant after their beloved Pitbull mix, Peter James, and have styled the restaurant walls with his photographs. Located at 142 Haddon Avenue, Peter James BYOB will offer dinner-only dining Wednesdays through Sundays from 5-9 p.m. The restaurant will offer tapas fusion – serving small tastes of multi-cultural dishes including Italian, Cajun and Asian – in a low-lit, romantic atmosphere, offering an intimate dining experience.

The menu is set to feature homemade pastas, soups and salads, small bites and homemade desserts for patrons to share with family and friends. Menu items are influenced by both Dennis and Jill’s family recipes, as well as some of their favorite culinary experiences over the years. The menu will be ever-changing, and will offer daily sauces, specials, and seasonal specialties. For reservations, please call 856-858-5610 or visit their website at 

Meet Nadia from Four Green Cats–New Business in the SoHa Building

Nadia was born and raised in Ceske Budejovice in Czech Republic where she graduated from a culinary school as a chef which eventually became her passion in life. She has been recognized as an expert in gastronomy and has collected her knowledge in well known restaurants such as Mastne Kramy, Budvarka and Slavie. 

She preaches a simplicity in cooking and follows czech culinary arts and culture using traditional cooking techniques and new ingredients. She emphasizes quality, hospitality and aesthetics.  Nadia says: “ I always like to discover new things and do them differently and

Four Green Cats is located in the SoHa Arts Building located at 1010 White Horse Pike, Haddon Twp. NJ 08107.  For more information, please check out their website at Four Green Cats or on Facebook.

January 2020

Meet Samantha Carell-–New Artist in Residence at the SoHa Arts Building

Focused on illumination, Carell’s work is the result of a long and ongoing experiment with different techniques and learning through mistakes. While convinced she is at the right place right now, her subject begins to evolve into wondering possibility. Carell finds joy in her craft as she discovers new materials and how they speak to science and the aesthetic experience. With a constant change in direction, Carell strives to impress with her growing discipline. She has a drive that pushes her work to continually evolve as it takes on many new guises on her artistic journey.  Too see more of Samantha’s work, please visit and follow her on instagram @carellartcollection.  The SoHa Arts Building is located at 1001 White Horse Pike, Haddon Twp. NJ 08107.

Meet Sahar Soleymani—the Owner of Que Ricas, 

Haddon Ave.’s Newest Dining Destination

Sahar Soleymani learned her way around the kitchen at an early age, as much of her home life was centered on the pride and tradition that came with preparing food of her rich Venezuelan heritage.

A deep love for food, creativity and her community spirit inspire her to serve her community honest food that represents her roots. This passion and love for food is in the bloodline as her family has been cooking for and serving the community for over 40 years.

For the first time ever, at Que Ricas, Sahar will be cooking her family’s prized recipes in Haddon Twp.  for all of South Jersey to fall in love with.

Que Ricas is located at 46 A Haddon Ave., Haddon Twp. NJ 08108.  For hours of operation and menu selections, please visit and follow them on instagram @que-ricas_haddon.